Missions Minded

Village Baptist Temple is a missions minded church supporting 39 active-status missionaries, church-planters, evangelists, and Gospel-preaching colleges.  

While VBT is actively seeking to fulfill the Great Commission here in North Canton and the surrounding area, we have partnered with many wonderful families that God has called and placed across the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost.  

Missionaries We Support   


Mr. & Mrs. Jonatan Andrasik (Elisabeth)


Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bennett (Becky)

Osasco, Brazil

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Berdine (Janet)


Mr. & Mrs. Brad Borke (Brooke)

Cleveland, OH

Mr. & Mrs. D.A. Brosius (Debbi)


Mr. & Mrs. Arza Brown (Ruth)

Hawaii, United States

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie Brown (Monoka)

Hispanics, United States

Mr. & Mrs. Corban Butler (Hannah)

North Tampa, FL, United States

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Canavan (Suzanne)


Mr. & Mrs. David Cato (Diane)

Native Americans, U.S.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Clayton (Lois) (S.E.A.)

Church Planting

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cleveland (Marie)

DirectLine Ministry

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cone (Jamie)


Mr. & Mrs. Natividad Delarca (Cora)


Mr. & Mrs. Dan DeLong (Sandy)

BIMI Cand./Dep. Director

Mr. & Mrs. Dan DeOme (Beth)


Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Edmondson (Kelleigh)

Medical Missions Outreach

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Gill (Kelly)

Bearing Precious Seed, OH

Mr. & Mrs. Justin Grinstead (April)


Light on The Law

Ashtabula, Ohio

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Helton (Jen)


Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hamilton (Susan)


Mr. & Mrs. Russell Holland (Bethany)


Mr. & Mrs. Carl Houser (Charmaine)

United Kingdom

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Lane (Melina)

Haiti & Dominican Republic

Mr. & Mrs. Nadeem Masih (Shakila)

National to Pakistan

Massillon Baptist College

Massillon, OH

Mr. & Mrs. Cory McTague (April)

Tibetan People of Canada

Mr. & Mrs. Josh Mead (Julie)

Senegal, West Africa

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Meyer (Shelba)

SE Asia Int. Rep. BIMI

Mr. & Mrs. Josue Ortiz (Rebekah)


Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pranger (Laura)


Mr. & Mrs. Peter Putney (Elisabeth)


Mr. & Mrs. Seth Reiner (Michaela)

Central Asia

Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Rogers (Virginia)

Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Rust (Tammy)

Baptist Church Planting Ministry

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Snyder (Mary Beth)


Mr. & Mrs. David Snyder (Barb)

President/Gen. Dir. BIMI

Mr. & Mrs. John Yelle (Neila)

Southern Brazil