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Church Planters Clearinghouse

Church Planters Clearinghouse

Church Planters Clearinghouse is a Local Independent Baptist Church Ministry focused on planting new churches around the world.  It was established in 2016 by Village Baptist Temple and is led by Dr. Phil Clayton, Pastor.

"Church Planters Clearinghouse is a ministry to help plant Independent Baptist Churches around the world.  Our missionaries have done a great job in winning souls and training converts to reach out to others.  Now, these national pastors need our help to continue in the work of planting churches.

We have witnessed national pastors step out by faith to start a church without any assistance.  Some have met under tarps or carports without any seating for the people that come.  They need some help to secure proper facilities, provide seating, and purchase hymn books in order to have respectable church services.  That is the calling of Church Planters Clearinghouse.

It is our desire to use God's Money wisely and to use every dollar to its maximum potential.  We ask that you search your heart and get involved in this crucial ministry."                         

                                                   - Dr. Phil Clayton, Pastor of Village Baptist Temple


 GOALS of Church Planters Clearinghouse

            • To EQUIP leaders to plant churches worldwide
            • To SUPPLY materials and finances to church planters around the world
            • To TRAIN leaders to reproduce themselves

Partnering with Church Planters Clearinghouse

If the Lord has laid on your heart to partner with us in this ministry, please use our online giving button and specify your donation to this ministry.  Or, you may mail support to:


6322 Whipple Ave. NW

North Canton, OH  44720 

Checks made payable to Church Planters Clearinghouse